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How will COVID-19 Change the Business World?

The business world has changed.

Is your business ready?

Virtual Dinner Event | May 7, 2020

Expert Advice on

How to Build Your Business in a Crisis.

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100% of the funds from this event will be donated to the food bank PLUS we're delighted to announce that our funding partner will match every contribution to make an even greater impact.


What new skills do business leaders need to know? How do we thrive in this new environment? What should we look out for? And what actions should we take to ensure our businesses don't become obsolete?


•         Optimizing team productivity 

•         Employee engagement strategies

•         Hiring and retention tactics 

•         Marketing to your new “at home” consumer

•         Future business trends

The San Diego Food Bank provides food assistance and resources to the 350,000 people they serve every month, in addition to those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. With thousands of newly unemployed colleagues, employees and friends we felt it was necessary to do our part and support those in need.


Garret Akerson Co-founder - Kindred Bravely 

Garret’s professional career started at a small private school where he taught five subjects: biology, health, careers, English, and driver’s ed. Once he recognized a bug for entrepreneurship, Garret returned to school in 2004 to obtain his MBA at San Diego State University. After graduating, he joined eBoost Consulting, a digital marketing firm based in San Diego. Four years later, Garret built his own consulting business, which merged with another San Diego web development shop in 2011. With the arrival of his second child in late 2014, Garret began to look for a way to spend more time with his family while also using his skills in eCommerce. When his wife began designing her own breastfeeding clothes, they recognized an incredible opportunity and launched Kindred Bravely. When not building Legos or the business, Garret loves to run and go to the beach. Grateful for his amazing wife and their incredible team, Garret’s mission is to build a team that changes mom’s lives.

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Michael Sikorsky CEO - Robots and Pencils 

Michael co-founded Robots & Pencils in 2009 with the then-contrarian view that mobile would be more transformative than the Internet. Since then, the firm has become a trusted strategic innovation partner to some of the world’s best brands, helping its clients harness the power of mobile and frontier technologies to transform and future-proof their businesses.


Michael has been named a CEO to Watch by CNN Money and an Internet Revolutionary by Profit Magazine. He's a sought-after speaker on the topics of innovation and business strategy having guest lectured at Harvard Business School, Stanford, MIT and Columbia University and the World Economic Forum.

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Jonathan Reynolds CEO - Titus Talent Strategies

Jonathan is a visionary, entrepreneur and game-changer. He is energized by inspiring company leaders and equipping them with unique approaches to better understand their people, foster organizational alignment, and create optimum performance among their team members. 


Growing up in the UK, and living in the US since 1998, Jonathan has almost 20 years of experience in the recruiting industry. He started Titus Talent after experiencing firsthand that the traditional recruiting model was broken and had to be changed to produce better results and create lasting partnerships. Jonathan currently leads a unique, fast­ growing team of talent consultants who are located across the United States. Jonathan is a creative problem solver (with a delightful British accent) and currently consults with companies nationally on how to approach their talent strategy. 

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