A wonderful business networking group

I have been a member and Past Chair of the Business Executives Council (formerly Corporate Finance Council) since about 1982. I have greatly enjoyed the lasting relationships and friendships that have developed from my membership in BEC. The attendees are very high quality people. It’s a great resource of professionals with varied business acumen to whom you can reach out for advice or support. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer my clients and friends to members of the BEC. The speakers have been very interesting and educational. The golf events and cocktail receptions at the Top of the Market and Stone Brewing are always great fun. Another positive is the intimate size of the dinner meetings which allows a better exchange of dialogue. The group is very accepting of new members and guests with genuine efforts to make them feel comfortable and noticed.  All in all, a wonderful business networking group and more.

David Walters - Bank of Southern California Senior Vice President, Business Banking


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Any referral that you might need

I have been a long-time member of the Business Executives Council. We have a diverse group of industry and service providers that will have the contacts needed for any referral that you might need.